About Us

Clauger is a family owned company which excels in providing industrial refrigeration and air treatment solutions that are customized to fit your needs. With an established presence in over 90 countries, our industrial refrigeration services are not only innovative, but also sustainable.

Our services include the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of world-class industrial refrigeration systems. Clauger’s team is available around the clock to provide emergency repair and maintenance services. From remote monitoring to providing preventative measures, Clauger strives hard to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Clauger was created with three core values, which we have incorporated in our business regime over the years. And as our company grows, we continue to work with our core values at the center of our work ethics.

With our business expanding to the major markets around the world, Clauger continues to offer innovative solutions that set it apart from the others in the industry. With our highly experienced team at the helm, we continue to uphold our commitment of providing you with cutting edge technology, around the clock support, and sustainable industrial refrigeration services.

For at its heart, Clauger believes in putting the needs of people first.

Our Values


Clauger is a company that puts the needs of people first. Clauger gives great importance to the development of team spirit, encourages and supports personal initiatives, and trains its employees to be the best.


Clauger’s goal is to help its customers in making a difference. We listen to the needs of our clients and offer innovative solutions that can help them reach new heights of success.

Client Satisfaction

Clauger works with thousands of clients from around the globe- large groups or OEMs - and works hard to establish a lasting partnership with a strong focus on the customer needs.


Clauger’s mission is to offer sustainable solutions for industrial refrigeration and air treatment systems that ensure excellence and complete client satisfaction. From offering digital services to site monitoring and system analysis, the Clauger US is readily available for all of your refrigeration maintenance and repair needs. Our preventative maintenance programs can be customized for any facility and our predictive services can ensure that there is never a roadblock for your business. We seek to not only be your refrigeration service provider, but your refrigeration solutions partner.


Our vision is to offer innovative and environmental-friendly refrigeration services, maintenance solutions, air treatment, and repair services to our clients all over the globe.

Our qualified technicians are experts in their field and are available to service any of your refrigeration needs.

Optimize Energy Consumption

Clauger offers a wide range of energy saving options for your facility. Expertise in both NH3 and CO2 systems allow us to work with any system or requirements faced. Our commitment is to optimize system performance by minimizing inefficiencies in existing systems.

Improve Quality & Extend Shelf Life of Products

Clauger, experts in process cooling, help clients extend shelf life while maintaining excellent quality of the product. Clauger’s custom designed equipment helps create the ideal environment for your products’ needs.

Environmental Conditions & Airflow of Site Controlled

All products require different conditions to yield excellent results; humidity and temperature are the basis of each products’ ideal conditions. Claugers’ experts can help create perfect conditions for all products while reducing risk of contamination.

Clauger's Range of Expertise

Industrial refrigeration

Positive and negative cold production at low GWP
Low-charge compact skid
Renewable energy from recycled waste
Performance optimization
Digitally connected systems
Constant energy monitoring

Hygienic air control

Mastery in control of atmosphere conditions
Process cooling
Particulate filtering and counting
Monobloc and hygienic air treatment units
Air diffusion control and airflow management
Treatment & control of VOCs, noxious odors


Available 24/7
Cloud Maintenance
Training & support (industrial refrigeration/air treatment)
Technical support & continuous performance monitoring
Spare parts distributor
Technical & performance audits

Clauger’s Commitment to Safety

Clauger has a strong commitment to safety, our personnel and team members have a solid grasp of the OSHA Safety standards and our internal safety program equals or exceeds those requirements. Each technician has completed the OSHA training, Ammonia Response and numerous internal training modules on subjects including safe rigging, fall protection, PPE and lock-out tag-out procedures.

The goal of Clauger’s Health and Safety Program is zero accidents and accident prevention continue to be of paramount importance to our company.

We Serve a Range of Markets

Baked Goods

Dairy Products

Processed & Cured Meats

Cold Storage Facilities

Beverage & Bottling Facilities


Clauger's North American Network

Clauger recognizes the importance of networks, support and lifelong learning. Our partners are vital to the success of our teams which means success for our clients.

Clauger is a proud member of the following organizations:

The only North American organization that focuses specifically on ammonia industrial refrigeration. Its emphasis on education and research into new technology are at the core of Clauger’s mission.

The Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association is the most recognized organization in the United States dedicated to the professional development of industrial refrigeration operators and technicians.

IIAR's vision is to be recognized as the world's leading advocate for the safe, reliable and efficient use of ammonia and other natural refrigerants for industrial applications.